Film Review: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War starts almost at the exact moment Thor: Ragnarok left off, with Thanos' ship bearing down on the Asgardians in full attack mode—setting the tone for the rest of this movie, which can best be described as nearly three hours of sustained battle interspersed with quips, with the occasional pause for character moments.... Continue Reading →

the memory of hope

  This past weekend, I presented at Notable Pursuits, which is a showcase for local artists started by The Light House Project. This was the Anniversary episode, in honor of Deah, Yusor, and Razan, who tragically passed away three years ago, around this time. The organizers asked me to address hardship or struggle in my... Continue Reading →

Film Review: I Am Not Your Negro

I finally saw this movie last weekend—I say finally because it's been my most anticipated movie since I first heard about it in September of last year—and it was even more powerful, essential and devastating than I had hoped. I Am Not Your Negro is a clear-eyed, courageous look at American society's relationship with race... Continue Reading →

why lovespill?

Hi world. I've been thinking for a while about setting up my own little corner of the internet, where I can share the thoughts that sometimes make my brain a very noisy place until I let them out in the form of writing (usually at 2am). Why lovespill, which isn't even a real English word? (I... Continue Reading →

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